It has laid my life to ruin

So I am an addict. A Tweaker you might call me. A speed freak. Meth addict. Yes the stigma of being this is very bad. You might think that this page was going to be about how using meth has ruined my life. Its not

Using meth has its consequences but nothing like what the propaganda describes. The government has made meth out to be some monster that destroys lives, steals souls, eats users alive with one hit, then chews them up forever, leaving them skinny, malnourished, violent and unable to be part of society. That is what they want you to believe. Is it because meth is truly the devil come to wreak havock on unsuspecting people?

I'm sure for some, it does cause problems. But that is not what the government is concerned with. The government, especially the Trump government, does not care about the citizens and their well being. Look at how they have handled the COVID-19 pandemic. Look at how they have treated peaceful protesters. The government is not concerned with the health problems they claim meth causes.

They demonize the shit because that allows them to stalk, harass, and otherwise terrorize and torture users. No one cares what happens to tweakers, what happens to them they deserve because they are the lowest of the low, the scum of the earth. The propaganda is put out there to convince you that meth users will steal from you and anyone theu come in contact with, they are psychotic and dangerous, they are violent with short tempers and that the shit is poison that anyone who even looks at it could become addicted to it. Isn't that was PSAs like this one tell you:

Now that was something, wasn't it? Did it make you feel sorry for the guy? Or did it make you think, boy he is really stupid. He goes back for more even though he knows it will hurt him. He deserves what he gets. That is what they want you to think. Remember this message was put out by the government that has gassed peaceful protesters, the same government that has called BLM and peaceful protester thugs and animals and a threat to our democracy. The same government that has not done anything to slow the spread of COVID-19, here's It is meaningless words like, "Took action to protect vulnerable Americans" and "Surged resources to hot spots as they arose". Hundreds of thousands have dies as a result of their (in)action. Do you think they care about your well-being? Do you think they want to help addicts stop using?

They don't

If meth didn't ruin my life, what did?

The government's covert gang stalking and harassment! They say meth causes you to hear voices, imaginary voices and it is called meth psychosis. It is completely fabricated by the government for the government's benefit. They use technology to talk to someone from afar so that only that person can hear them. They start out slow. They whisper your name in your ear on a dark street when no one is around. They turn up the volume gradually and increase the frequency of the "voices" at the same time. They continue this until the person acts out and appears to be a psychotic danger to themselves and others. They take them to the psych ward and the psychiatrist asks questions like "does your tv talk to you?" and based on a 5 minute interview gives a diagnosis of schizo-affective or schizophrenia.

What does that accomplish? It completely strips the person of any credibility. Over time it isolates the person who becomes triggered by the "voices" and continues to use. The government wants that person isolated with no credibilty because they get enrolled in a secret government program that builds and tests PSYOPS. This is done without consent of course. And no one will think it is anything but the drugs or the diagnosis when the person cries for help because they are being tortured.

It is so intrusive and isolating that many targeted individuals kill themselves. And that is part of their plan. They get you a false diagnosis due to their methods, they set the person up on SSI and then use them as a guinea pig, torturing them with microwaves, endless noise, threats, and harass them 24/7. Then when the person doesn't comply with their demands or the government has what they need, they tell the person to kill themselves.\

They monitor neuro brain waves from their tower somewhere in another state maybe. This probably lets them "see" the person's thoughts. It also lets them send messages to the brain via V2K. The messages repeat the same thing, day and night. Over and over. "We're gonna beat the shit out of you, you fucking faggot" "we're going to kidnap you" We're gonna go over there and beat the shit out of you" "Look at this queer" The have been watching and monitoring so much that they add in personal details, like the person's name.

Over time and hearing this messaging being forced into your head, it takes a toll.

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